Our Story

El Cachalote is more than a shop. It is a family project.

Here artisans and designers share and spread their deep love and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Through clothing, ceramics, paintings and much more. 

"Hi! I'm Eva. 

My family and me are Italians living in the beautiful town Tarifa, Spain.

In 2012 I moved here to publish my thesis on the migration of sperm whales

in the Mediterranean Sea, for my degree in Natural Sciences.

I have been passionately working as a guide in a local whale watching company and was recruited into cetacean conservation projects by the ONG's: CIRCE and Tethys.

June 2015 I opened 'El Cachalote Project', in order to make more people aware of the ocean and marine conservation.

In the shop you will only find products that are 100% handmade with love and care for the planet. Crafts, clothes, ceramics, paintings and much more. From Tarifa and all over the world. All artisans are carefully chooses and operate in line with our strict ethical criteria.

El Cachalote Project is more than a shop with the care taking of the ocean in mind. It is an educational project that gives birth to new ideas around ocean conservation. 

Our shop is a great meeting place where people from all over the world meet and share their ideas about how we can conserve our oceans and seas.​ Everyday we speak with customers about how they contribute by e.g.: using less plastic, recycling, buying sustainably and avoiding animal products.

Will you join us on our journey of conserving our oceans and cetaceans?"

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